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I extend my gratitude to the contributor who have taken the time to email me, informing me of the recent article on the online news portal, FOCUS MALAYSIA (22 February 2024). Please click the link here to read the full article. Recognizing the significance of this information, I appreciate the conscientious viewer who facilitated this notification. This update assumes paramount importance in enhancing our comprehension of the ongoing developments pertaining to the current dispute.

In the meantime, I encourage all readers as before to give your views and feedbacks in the box provided below.

  1. Committee members held on as long as they could and try to stop the Wongs from coming back in… Good Effort!!

    1. It may be a good decision by FC, but the damage already done by committees is beyond repairable.

  2. The committee holding on power for what?? Makes no difference to winning the Suit… all the legal way to enable the present members to stay in power… already loose liao!!!

  3. File for administrator to take over MC … Fail liao!
    File for injunction of AGM … fail liao!
    Ask for court to appoint expert … fail liao!
    Suit on service charge for single tier … doesn’t look good with recent case like Pearl Suria so.. chance will Kena Sai Liao!!
    The recalculation of service charge into single tier by the committee members will most like fail soon also… coz the court of appeal already say cannot… so will kena more Sai
    I hear MC also file another suit over Car Park…. Chances will fail too coz the monkeys don’t know WTF they are doing… so more Sai there

  4. Tu la pasal! The Federal Court made the right call in denying leave to appeal. The AGM and EGM should be held without further hindrance.

  5. Wah so many cases! How much legal fees? Who pay? No approval from AGM? What’s going on. Spent MC fund without approval. Better use those money to improve toilets maintenance

  6. Next time don’t jump the gunlah. Applause to the Court of Appeal for overturning the injunction and the subsequent Federal Court’s decision. It showcases a strong commitment to upholding the rule of law. Excellent job!

  7. Sial! Takkan we kena fight for AGM. We, owners deserve better and shouldn’t have to fight for basic rights like holding an AGM! Syabas to the Court for the judgement.

  8. Why inaction by COB??? The COB needs to step up and defend owners’ rights. This situation is a failure on multiple levels, and owners shouldn’t bear the brunt.

  9. They should have see it coming. Anger simmers as Jaya One Management Corporation squandered owners’ money on legal battles. We deserve governance and transparency of a higher standard.

  10. MC don’t be bodoh sombonglah. This legal nonsense serves as a warning sign for all strata owners. Legal fees should never burden us. Accountability is due at the management level.

  11. Wow even the Federal Court’s took note of funding of legal costs by owners for Jaya One Management Corporation in the judgment consideration. This definitely sheds light on the necessity for transparency. Owners deserve a more transparent process. MC you listening here or not?

  12. Man, it has been 38 month without AGM! Deprive of us owners of our right is totally unacceptable. The court decision is right to bring attention to the unjust actions of our MC.

  13. Guys, this Jaya One case is a stain on strata management. It’s time for a shift – enduring prolonged legal battles for basic rights shouldn’t be our reality. Let’s go back to the drawing board. Time to relook our strategies.

  14. Hey there, not trying to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, but dealing with legal stuff can be a real budget and time vampire. Been there, done that – our development project faced a Jaya One-level dilemma. We opted for the “let’s talk it out and save our sanity” route. Turns out, it’s like hitting fast forward on both the clock and the savings account.

    Oh, and a advise: don’t postpone that AGM/EGM. Transparency and agreement are like the superheroes of business harmony. And if you’re dealing with an issue, think COB or Tribunal – they’re like the cool cousins of the courtroom, and they won’t break the bank (unless you’re secretly George Soros).

  15. Poodah. This MC syiok sendiri. Whose money use to pay lawyer fees money ah? Our money right? Court already make decision some more want to delay AGM. Dei, when is our AGM date???

  16. Noted with thanks. This case indicates precedent for strata management disputes, with the court emphasizing the importance of following due process.

  17. Really frustrating that we had to go all the way to the Federal Court. Our MC should have been referred this to the COB. if the COB had intervened earlier, we could have prevent this unnecessary legal mess.

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