Christy Ng says I am sorry to Donna Lau.

I caught this on our WhatsApp chat group as I was lying down in front of my computer eating my Lay Chips “Barbecue Flav” that I came across saw this long message thread. I got me startled as I thought to myself… OMG… WTF.

The message, which was pretty long, so I am just going to squeeze as much as I can in here for your reading pleasure.

Firstly, the stuff that Christy Ng wrote, was nasty and personal. Quite frankly it sounded like an ex-girlfriend or Uma Thurman from the movie Kill Bill. I meant Uma Thurman was cool but she is also crazy in the role she portrayed. I like watching her kill… but definitely will not even consider her in the friend zone.

So here I learn that the defamation suit, which for some reasons have not gotten much attention, are being settle out of court between Donna Lau and Christy Ng. I wish I can share more coz it sounds really juicy but without the court papers, I cannot share more, other than what I know. So once and for all, I will take up lessons from my lawyer friend and learn how to access court documents (legally of course).

When I do… I promise… I will share more…

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  1. Apa ini??? Why mix up personal issues with our cause? I am curious to know who is paying for this defamation suit if not out of our funds collected.

    1. We always recognized that some characters in the working committee team to be overzealous at times. Must we repeat ourselves?

  2. Guys, please stay focus and stick to our original objectives. Things like this will pour a wet blanket in collecting sufficient funds to further our legal cause.

  3. I hold you to your words. I am very interested to know what the defamation suit is all about. If you can provide the court document here.

  4. I don’t want to sound personal but Christy, sometimes she come across to me as rash. Please keep your head above water and stay focus.

    1. Spot on. Christy should had just cast aside all subjectiveness into the equation of the issue at hand. We don’t need all this unnecessary baggage.

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