Let me backtrack a couple of months back with the few of you here.

I attended our first online zoom and gladly share with you guys that did not attend the details here. I recalled correctly approximately 50 plus or maybe 60 attended this meeting.

Christy introduced the working committee, Datin Stacey, Joseph, Yap, Varon and Wong the lawyer.

We were told that on the wrong doings in the following order ;

  1. Breach of the Strata Management Act
  2. Conflict of interest, and fiduciary duty of the property management company.
  3. Illegal use of sinking funds.
  4. Irregular and questionable expenses such as salary, property management fee, unexplained payment to Tetap Tiara, and high electricity cost.
  5. Wrongful and illegal allocation of service charge.
  6. Accounting irregularities and discrepancies
  7. Failure to hold AGM.
  8. Improper charge of electricity.

My initial take, sure why not if we can get the tens of million or even settle for a lesser amount of RM10 million as claimed by the lawyer. But first thing first, we need to raise RM400,000 to RM500,000 for the class action and the working committee said that we managed to collected less than RM70,000 so far to date.

The working committee appealed to us owners for more fund contribution. Willing to lower their bar to even consider RM500 per contribution per owner. Lol, I contributed but won’t disclose my contribution amount here.

All in all, I find this whole exercise very educational.  Yup if we can get that kind of money, I am all for it!  Some folks were excited, some were super excited and some just plain crazy. But I am happy as long as I don’t have to lift a finger!

All your feedbacks and comments will posted in the given space below. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

  1. Since only a few of us are here, I heard from my source that our issue with TTSB was raised by the working committee with the Commissioner of Building, MBPJ, Y.B Maria Chin Abdullah (our MP) & Y.B Rajiv (our ADUN). I also heard, they also made police report! Not sure of what the outcome is to update here for you guys. Just for info.

  2. I just want to point out that I also attended the meeting and a point was raised by one of the participants in the meeting that we might have conflicted ourself by conducting our own forensic audit instead of appointing professional independent forensic audit.

    1. Yes, you are correct. I think the working committee overlooked this. This is fundamentally important that we appoint one.

  3. We keep forgetting that the Wong family are still majority stake holders as oppose to us the minority stake holders. I have a hunch that the Wongs as majority stake holders wouldn’t want to run Jaya One down to the ground. Can we deliberate with the rest to have a round of negotiation before taking the legal route? Just a food for thought.

  4. After reading your post and updates, here are my thoughts. If we can get at least 300 plus owners agree with taking legal action, raising the RM400,000 to RM500,000 can be possible, provided everyone chip in at least RM1,000 each. I feel we should suggest to the working committee to discuss and negotiate with the appointed lawyer for a discounted fee.

    1. I cannot speculate that the working committee will be receptive anytime soon as they seem fixated with their current employed intent and strategies. Let us observe and see how this drama unfolds.

  5. I don’t agree. It’s MCO man. Money is tight here and things are pretty uncertain. Can’t we just sit down and sort things out amicably? Why we need to spend hundreds and thousands on legal fees.

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