Almost two months passed since this second zoom meeting.

I roughly counted the attendees with optimism in sight. If not mistaken, approximately 100 turnouts compared to the first zoom meeting.

By now, everyone contributed and paid more than RM85,000 in legal fees way below the total estimated legal expense of RM500,000.

Also, total 171 Jaya One owners have expressed written support now and yet we need to raise more money. If only every one of us contributed RM1,000 each.

Not many new developments happened apart from repeating the same stuff and if I may say harshly, regurgitated themselves. I am not quite pleased with all the new security checks and all the hard selling, drama and emotions. Just stop beating around the bush as I only would like to know how much more money is needed to reach our target?

If not of Guo Bin’s saying that in the event of a victory in our class action and the award in our favor, I like the rest of you will enjoy the benefit of reduction in charges for sinking fund, maintenance fees, I would have lost my interest in this meeting. But it has to be addressed at the AGM.

All your feedbacks and comments will posted in the given space below. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

  1. Regurgitated themselves? The only regurgitation I see was the repeated call of appeal by the working committee for funds to contribute for our class action against the defendants. Have some empathy man. Easy for you to talk. Action speaks louder than words.

  2. I am interested to the know the status update of us in appointing a forensic audit. Can anyone share here? Other not so important issues like Chew, Donna entering the office to reformat all the computer servers of the MC, can we put to rest at least for now. I hope we focus on the legal matter at hand. Unless it has some direct significance or relevance than we can consider. For now, I suggest we focus strictly on the direct legal implications.

    1. I agree with you. Please update here if any of you have any latest. Staying focus is the name of the game. Any deviation is unnecessary.

  3. You know what, the working committee cannot even break the 200 number barrier, I seriously doubt they can achieve their target of soliciting RM500,000 in legal fund.

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