I found out from a reliable source that the MC has became a co-defendant. So, this basically means they are on the same boat as the working committee claiming for the same thing, if not more. The working committed are claiming for RM15.9 million whereas the MC are claiming for RM21 million which I find quite contradicting and messy.

I had also been told that the security checks made by our working committee were overzealous to a degree. Anyway, nothing much I can share here because there is really nothing new. All in all, the atmosphere was pretty sad and I think their cult is fading.

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  1. I, as one of the privileged pioneers of this site always mentioned to the few of you then that this will issue will unfold into a long winding road. My instincts never failed me. Guys, we just have to face this eventuality. You guys know who I am.

  2. I think that our working committee better plan and strategize very carefully from now onwards. My gut feeling that this will transpire into an ensuing prolonged legal battle. I am just worried that we as owners of Jaya One don’t have the stamina as far as time and money are concerned.

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